Tips for upcoming online sale

New website. New shopping cart. We shall see how it goes on Friday, May 18th at Noon Eastern time for the first online sale. Mostly memory boxes.

Couple of tips. I would sign in early. This new site gives you the ability to create your own account - that may be an advantage? Not 100% sure on that.

I do know that the Shopping Cart image doesn't want to show up on mobile phones. What?! I'm working on fixing this and it may be there tomorrow when the sale happens.

If it isn't, there is a link to the shopping cart at the bottom of every page.

On a desktop or laptop or tablet the shopping cart shows up as an icon the top right side.

You can test whether or not it will show up for you by going to the shop > then add special order: box to your cart > see if you can find the shopping cart icon. If you can't... you'll need to find the link at the bottom of every page. Then X out the item from your cart (because you might not want to order that item on sale day!)

Sorry for the trouble.... I will get this worked out!

Shopping Cart 3.jpg
Sarah SnavelyComment