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Contact Me

Thanks, all, for taking a look at these images of my work. You can get in touch with me using this contact form or email at sarahrsnavely@gmail.com. I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can, but I a) am one person, b) have no studio assistants, and c) am averse to sitting at the computer (wouldn't we all rather be out walking the greyhounds?).

Here just might be the answer you are seeking:

1) The sculptures are one of a kind. So there is just the one. I may have something similar because I often work in a series. But once a piece is sold, it's sold.

2) I am not taking orders at this time. This may change. Best way to know about that is to sign up for my email list. I won't email you a bunch and there's a link to unsubscribe in every email if you tire of hearing from me.

3)  That also means that the best way to hear about when the store is restocked is to join that same mailing list. The mailing list always hears about the sale date and time first. Always. Always.

That more or less covers the most frequent email questions. Thanks again for your interest in my work! I'm forever grateful...


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