Special order: Winged Greyhound Box

Special order: Winged Greyhound Box


This is an order for a Special order Winged Greyhound Box - made to order. Please allow six months for delivery. Please note that Special orders will not be exactly like the box in the images. Each one of these boxes and figures is entirely hand made. All made by hand. Glazes may shift slightly. 

Glazes used: figure is white, box is black metallic.

Designed as a memory box, a special place to put my old Greyhound's tags and collars after he was no longer with me, the box could also be used for a urn for cremains if you choose. This box will hold approximately 6 cups. For more information about how much each box holds visit my blog

Exterior dimensions: about 11 1/2 inches high x 5 1/4 inches wide x 7 3/4 inches deep.

Price includes shipping via UPS Ground within the continental US. Outside the continental US shipping can be arranged. Shipping and taxes not included for outside the continental US orders. Please contact me for a price estimate.

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